1973/4 EB0 Ref 1113

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The EB0 is a true design classic and was Gibsons most popular bass, making up almost a third of all solidbody bass sales.

The single pick-up EB0 was popular with the garage, blues, soul and church bands of the 1960s and 70s. Users included David Knights of Procol Harum, Felix Pappalardi of Mountain (who gave his to Jack Bruce after a concert, carving "to Jack, xxx Felix" into it) and Jermaine Jackson of the Jackson Five.

The short scale (20 frets on a 30.5 inch neck) and mahogany throughout made for a quick playing bass with a heavy sound from the Humbucker pick-up that was popular with the blues/rock movement of the late sixties, and which led to it being called the "Mudbucker". A true design classic it still looks as fresh as it did in 1961.

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A 1973 (might be 1974, in which case it is one of only 384 that year) with the "Made in the USA" stamp. A beautiful sounding, deep bass for which the EB0 is renowned, it plays perfectly. Original showroom condition except two small dings, one on the front mid-way between the scratchplate and the bridge, the other more a rub mark on the lower horn. Two extra strap holes. Original Soft Shell Case.

1973/4 EB0 Ref 1113   £1100 SOLD

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