1978 Ripper RP11

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Gibson Ripper Bass

Solid maple body, maple neck. 34 inch scale

The Gibson Ripper was launched in 1973. The earliest ripper bodies were manufactured from maple, though in 1975 to 1976 they were manufactured from alder before returning to Maple in 1977. Famously played by Phil Cetera of Chicago and Suzi Quattro (who also played a Les Paul Bass).
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This is a Gibson 1978 vintage Ripper Bass, purchased from the daughter of the original owner (who incorrectly described it as a 1973!). It was stored in a closet for a few years and, whilst used is still in wonderful condition. There are some minor rub marks on the pick guard and the back but no big scratches, dents, problems with the finish/paint, etc. The bass has two pick-ups controlled by a "chicken head" selector giving a similar range of tones as the EB3. Whilst not the same, it still sounds wonderful! The orginal case (which has some minor wear and tear but is otherwise also in great condition) is included of course. Overall, this is a wonderful, classic, must-have bass that is in great condition!

1978 Ripper Ref RP11   £975 SOLD

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