1972 Les Paul Triumph - signed by Les Paul

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A real treat for Guitar enthusiasts worldwide - A vintage 1972 Les Paul Triumph bass (also known as the "Recording" bass) signed by the man himself! The bass was signed at New Yorks Iridium Club  where Les Paul, even at 93, plays every Monday night. I bought the bass from from a long term friend of Les Paul's rhythm guitar player, who has known him since he was 5!

Needless to say this bass is not for sale-but please feel free to view the pictures.

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Les Paul signing this bass at the Iridium Club, NYC








A vintage 1972 Les Paul Triumph or Recording bass signed by Les Paul himself! The pots date it to the 8th week of 1972. The bass shows some (very minor) signs of play, as is to be expected for a 37 year old bass and is very solid! The bass's electronics are original and very clean! Even the solder joints are original and NOTHING has been replaced but the strings. It has been refinished from the natural to a walnut color which was done extremely well. The white trim has  turned to an aged yellow, as is usual. The chrome is in very good condition. The guitar comes with the original hard shell case. The neck is absolutely straight and the hardware is in very good shape as well. The frets have a few low spots but are original and have life left in them.The electronics plate is complete and without any cracks. The best part of all is that Les Paul put his signature on the body in person! The signature is in mint shape and signed in silver sharpie. The photo is of Les signing this particular bass- I hold an email from the original owner, who has known Les Pauls rythm guitarist since age 5, confirming the signature. 

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