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A real treat for Guitar enthusiasts worldwide - A vintage 1969 Les Paul Bass (fore-runner to the Triumph Recording bass) signed by the man himself!  The bass was signed at New York's Iridium Club  where Les Paul, even at 93, plays every Monday night. I bought the bass from from a long term friend of Les Paul's rhythm guitar player, who has known him since he (the vendor) was 5!

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This unique bass is the rare 1969 model, pre the Les Paul Triumph. The serial, 864065, is 1967 but the model was first shipped in 1969! Gibson are renowned for their idiosyncrasies. The Bass had the clear coat removed early in its life. Whoever did it did a very good job as it looks great all natural. The body and neck are mahagony so it's nice quality wood. The bass is all original but it has been converted to use a 9 volt battery so you can plug into any rig and play like you've never played before! The pots are original and NOTHING has been replaced but the strings and the update to go direct instead of using the original cord which is not included. It even has the original bridge cover and mute mechanism, including felt,which are usually long gone on these. The strings are brand new and are Hartke mediums. The bass does have some light scratches and some light dings from its adventures over the years but nothing serious. The pots are all original and date to the 44th week of 1969 so this is the first year this model was produced making it a very rare bird indeed. Even the screws on this are in very good shape with no stripping. The tuners are gibson and in great shape as well. The bass comes with a later recording hardshell case. I thought it was original but I was informed that the original did not have Gibson wriiten on it and the inside was orange. All of the latches work fine but the rear one is missing the latch part. The case itself shows wear and has some rips and dings but is very solid and nice and cozy inside. The neck is absolutely straight and the hardware is in very good shape as well. The frets are original and have life left in them. There are no buzz spots and this bass can hit notes you've only dreamed of. The electronics plate has some light scratches as does the switch plate but they are not cracked. The best part of all is that Les Paul himself signed this baby! No, it's not one of those scam artists or a pickguard signed by Les and he never touched the guitar! Les himself put his signature on the body in person! The signature is in mint shape. There is no photo of Les Paul signing this bass as he signed it backstage, where it is not "done" to take pictures as the artists are relaxing. If you're a musician, you understand the respect you need to give the back of the house. But rest assured, this was signed by the man himself.

1969 Les Paul Bass Ref LP11   2750

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