1969 EB3 Ref 3317

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The EB3 is a true design classic, made famous by players such as Jack Bruce (Cream), Andy Fraser (Free), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Trevor Bolder (David Bowie), Glen Cornick (Jethro Tull), Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) and Chris White (Zombies).

Few basses are as easily recognized as the Gibson EB3.

This bass was purchased from the original owner who bought it in 1969 and who played it at least four nights a week in a popular Detroit band until it was retired to its case 15 years ago. It has all the wear marks of a well used and much loved instrument.

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1969 Gibson EB3 Electric Bass, with Original Hard Shell Case. 100% original. This bass has never been broken or needed repair.

I bought the bass from the original owner. He purchased the bass brand new in 1969 in Detroit. The bass was played at least four nights a week in a popular local band until it was retired to its case 15 years ago.

The finish on the back of the neck and back of the edges of the headstock basically wore away in many places from use. At some point (20 years ago) these areas were resprayed with the correct Gibson Heritage Cherry nitrocellulose translucent lacquer. The old patches of finish were not removed before the respray, and are clearly visible in the photos. The serial Number is 801971 and is clearly visible stamped into the back of the headstock, and the pot dates are the 52nd week of 1968. This is an early 1969 model, and probably one of the last made with the original solid headstock before the transition to slotted headstock later in 1969. No "Made in USA" and no volute.

The Frets are worn to the point of only just being usable. This bass will need a refret if you plan to play it professionally, but they will suffice for light home play...unless of course you remove the frets that are there and play it fretless. The front of body shows "divot" wear from the same fingers resting in the same places night after night. The back of body shows area of finish loss from either belt buckles or blue-jean rivets. The Bridge cover is missing, as is common with these basses. The large pickup is held down with 2 original screws. Small pickup is held down with 1 original screw; the other 3 broke upon removal which was required to verify originality of pickup. This bass was played a lot, and no doubt the perspiration from the player's hands eventually corroded the screws to the point that they were weakened.

The Original Hard Shell Case is in solid 7/10 condition; latches/hinges are all there and they operate well.

In summary: A very rare and desirable bass, with Gibson's original HUGE humbucking bass sound. Lots of playwear but NO DAMAGE EVER. It'll make a great player (real vintage that you can take to a gig) with new frets, and will of course be a good collector bass BECAUSE IT'S AN ALL ORIGINAL EXAMPLE OF A ONE OWNER AND VERY RARE BASS.


1969 EB3 Ref 3317   2500

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