1968-9 EB3 Ref 3315

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The EB3 is a true design classic, made famous by players such as Jack Bruce (Cream), Andy Fraser (Free), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), Trevor Bolder (David Bowie), Glen Cornick (Jethro Tull), Phil Lesh (Grateful Dead) and Chris White (Zombies).

Few basses are as easily recognized as the Gibson EB3.

This bass is all original apart from one volume knob (replaced with a new Gibson knob) and is complete with the bridge cover, mute and felt, often removed.

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This is a 1968, possibly 1969 Gibson EB3 bass guitar Serial #58092 (the numbers are very detailed for the first few numbers then get less defined) which is early 1969. The POT numbers (1376852) date it as the last week of 1968.

This beautiful instrument has a Rosewood Fret Board and a Mahogany Body with a 30 1/2 inch scale neck. The unit is approximately 1 1/2 inches at the nut and weighs over 16 pounds in the case. The bass is believed to be in the original hard shell case (it seems a little long, but is certainly the right period) that is also in good condtion. The bass has no buzz spots or dead spots in the fret board, there is some normal belt rash on the back of the bass and other normal wear marks since the instrument has been played (please see pics of the slight wear). There are no cracks, repairs or major "dings", neither the head nor the neck have any major marks or been repaired and all of the electronics are in working order and seem to be original.It is missing one original volume knob, which has been replaced by a slightly larger, new, original Gibson. The other 3 new knobs are still in the blister pack and come with the bass. The Bass has the true Gibson growl, and the wide range of tones available from the twin pick-ups modulated by the chicken-head control. It will make any Gibson Lover a great players bass and a great investment !! 

1968-9 EB3 Ref 3315   2800

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