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This page is devoted to 3rd party information that can help you decide when choosing a Guitar, and to useful sites for researching or buying instruments and accessories.

Sites with information on Gibson Bass Guitars

Displays all the major Gibson Bass Guitars, plus those of other manufacturers, and is a useful source of information.

One of the most comprehensive sources of information and pictures of Gibson Basses and other guitars.

A useful "list" source of information on vintage Gibson Basses (plus other guitars) from a leading US collector.

Gibson Vintage Serial Numbers

Date your Gibson bass or Guitar using the "Blue Book of Electric Guitars" Sixth Edition, Gibson Serialization, Edited by S.P. Fjestad from Gibsons website.

Our own "brochure" with the highlights of our collection-most of which are not on this site as they are not for sale.
See the 1960 EB0 owned by Dennis Lojeski, who played Bass with Elvis in "Viva Las Vegas", a Ripper owned by Arvel Shaw, Louis Armstrong's bassist, and played in the pit orchestra for Bubbling Brown Sugar and Aint Misbehavin', Les Pauls signed by - Les Paul (well, who else?), a 1964 Thunderbird owned by the Kentucky Headhunters (uncle, sorry, not the lads!) and an extremely rare EB6 owned by Jon Entwistle-bassist in the Who (as if you didn't know!). And many other beautiful vintage Gibson basses. 

Retailers of Gibson Basses and Other instruments

Lists Vintage Guitars for sale from leading USA "boutique" and specialist retailers.
Remember Not all USA retailers will sell to the UK- many regard overseas, and even Alaska, as alien and fraught with problems. Also, when buying from the States your additional costs will take the purchase price in $s to around the same in s.
Example: Cost $1500, + $200 shipping & insurance, +3% duty and 15% VAT (Duty is charged on the total of the value plus shipping and insurance, then 15% VAT on the resulting figure), = $2014, 1400< 1500 depending on exchange rates.


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