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This is a 1968-9 Gibson EB0 which has been converted by a Gibson dealer to an EB3. Thh head has the inlaid Gibson logo. The two original potentiometers have a manufacturing date code of December 1968, the tuning machines were used in production for this model in 1969, and the main pickup size and position are typical for 1969. Serial number is 566597, which is 1969 according to the Gibson Blue Book.

The guitar is in excellent condition. There are small scratches as to be expected with a 39 year old instrument, but the finish is original with very little fading. There are no cracks in the headstock or neck. The short scale neck makes it easy to play, and the mini-humbucker pickup that was added by the dealer allows you to control the sound from a smooth rumble to a bright metallic tone. The previous owner acquired the bass in 1973. The reason this bass is in such good condition is that he was not a gigging bass player and the first owner was a cop who never learned to play. Consequently it remained at home, and spent most of its life locked in its original softshell case (included).


1968/9 EB0/3 Ref 3324   £1400  SOLD

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